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White Guy Allegedly Bullies Elderly Asian Shop Owner—Only To Get Knocked Out Cold By Him


A viral video showed the very unexpected punishment received by a guy in Ireland who tried to bully and threaten an older Asian shop-owner.

Posted on the PublicFreakout subReddit and later to Twitter, the clip began right in the middle of the confrontation.

Two older Asian men, one of whom was the shop-owner, could be seen pushing the younger White man down a short hallway and out the door.

At that point, despite the shop-owner's repeated orders to leave the shop, the man continued to linger around and even walk back into the front door a few times, pushed back each time he did.

Eventually, the White guy put his hand on the shop-owner's chest and shook his fist. It was then the shop-owner laid a quick knock-out punch that surprised everybody.

The man fell to the floor and remained down until the end of the video.

People who came across the clip found the whole thing unfortunate.

People on Reddit were glad to see it too.

"He wanted it and came and got it" -- I_Ergot_My_Pencil

"his friend at the end looking around like 'what do I do with this dead body'?" -- BenNSyder

"LoL. That didn't take much. Move his leg and close the door. Done deal." -- uurrsol

"Old dude has hands. Walmart Connor McGregor goes down." -- Classyclassiccu**

And while the shop-owner would likely prefer not to have to do that at work, here's hoping enough people saw his impressive knock out so he doesn’t have any trouble for a long time.