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The Internet Is Falling In Love With This Adorable Dog Born With Cerebellar Hypoplasia ❤️

gangbangkang (Reddit)

Clyde is a dog who has won over the internet because of his adorable and unique saunter.

Clyde was born with a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, or NINDS, defines the condition as,

"a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed."

Clyde was introduced to the internet on both Reddit, by gangbangkang, and Twitter, by @dog_rates or WeRateDogs.

In both posts, viewers are reassured that Clyde doesn't feel pain from his condition, but that he simply has to work harder to get from place to place.

The original Reddit post has earned over 30,000 upvotes, and the Tweet has gained close to 500,000 likes.

People everywhere have fallen in love with Clyde and his quirky walk.

"It's weird to say but he is such an inspiration! I was feeling down today but after watching this how can I not feel better? He looks so happy despite his condition. What a champ!"

- JaxDaddy75 (Reddit)

"It looks like it wants to squat and poop but it's too excited and overwhelmed and wants to play at the same time."

- HitMePat (Reddit)
"This is the cutest Minister of Silly Walks we've ever had."

- jerkstabworthy (Reddit)

People are also sharing videos and stories of their own fur babies with cerebellar hypoplasia.

"One of my dogs has that too! She walks better than that one, but it was a lot of hard work to get her where she is now. She still walks very weird and has a lot of trouble laying down and can't sit, but she can do all the rest, even run!"

- LauraXa (Reddit)

"My CH cat was very happy and loved until she passed. She had no idea she was supposed to walk in a straight line and never had a problem side-winding there."

- science_with_a_smile (Reddit)

Clyde just proves, once again, that all animals are worthy of love and can bring a smile to our faces ❤️.

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