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Two Hollywood Actors Are Jokingly Competing To Play Andrew Tate In A Movie—And It's Perfection

Actors Jon Cryer and Paul Scheer both bear a striking resemblance to the far-right Twitter troll.

Screenshot of Andrew Tate from Twitter video post

When misogynistic social media troll Andrew Tate made headlines recently, Hollywood actors Jon Cryer and Paul Scheer joked about their interest in portraying him in a movie.

Tate was arrested on December 29, 2022, for his alleged involvement in human trafficking, rape, and running an organized crime group.
Authorities raided his location after a video in which he attempted–and failed miserably–to take down environmental activist Greta Thunberg following their online spat.

The drama unfolded when Thunberg snarkily suggested the former kickboxer could send correspondence to after he requested her email address so he could boast about his "33 cars" and their "enormous emissions."

When Tate and his brother were subsequently arrested at their Romanian compound after being accused of "forming an organized criminal group that used girls for adult videos," Thunberg got the last word.

On December 30, following their arrest, Thunberg tweeted:

"This is what happens when you don't recycle your pizza boxes."

After Tate posted the video mocking Thunberg, Hollywood actor Jon Cryer–who recently played Lex Luther in Supergirl–referenced comedian Paul Scheer and tweeted:

"People are gonna be telling @paulscheer and I we look like this idiot for decades."

Scheer–who is a writer, comedian and actor known for his appearances on FX/FXX's The League and HBO's Veep–responded with a meme from Jurassic Park.

Cryer posted another tweet following Tate's arrest.

People online claimed the pizza boxes in the video lead to Tate's arrest, but Romanian authorities stated they weren't a factor.

On December 30, Cryer was convinced of the likelihood of playing Tate in a biopic.

"Okay, now I'm playing him in the movie."

Scheer followed up with a video tweet in which he submitted a self-taped audition.

He wrote in the caption for the clip in which he impersonated the self-described misogynist slamming children:

"Here's my audition for the #AndrewTate movie."
"Since we know a lot about his other opinions, I decided to tackle his POV on how weak babies are."

People egged the two on in the spirit of friendly competition.

Other contenders for the role were hinted at.

Hollywood colleague John Glover–who played Lionel Luthor in Smallville–expressed interest in making a cameo.

There are currently no talks of an Andrew Tate movie in development.

But anything is possible.