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TikToker Pulls Nail Out Of Her Wall Only For It To Start Hissing–And Yeah That Can't Be Good

TikToker @sie_salt was trying to hang a rack on her wall when she made the startling discovery that she may have just punctured something.

TikTok screenshots from @sie_salt

Well, that's terrifying.

A woman took to TikTok to share a horrifying experience she encountered while simply trying to hang a rack on her wall.

The TikToker @sie_salt posted a video with the hilarious caption:

"Follow me for more DIY tips!!"

In her video, @sie_salt explained she was having a tough time hammering a nail into the wall for her new decor, so she removed the nail.


When the nail came out of the wall, the wall answered with a hiss!

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed 15.8 million times already, the creator said:

"Bro, I was just trying to hang this... and I..."

She proceeded to pull out the nail to reveal the hissing sound coming from the puncture.

When she put the nail back, the hissing stopped.

She asked her viewers:

"What do I do?!"

You can watch the video below.


Follow me for more DIY tips!! #DIY #renovation #homeimprovement

Viewers had their theories, some quite entertaining.





And others had just as laughable suggestions... although a couple were truly concerned.






Viewers really needed an update, though.

The following day, @sie_salt shared her findings with enquiring minds.

Fortunately, the sound was not a result of leaking gas.

She shared in her follow-up video that she called emergency maintenance who cut a "post-it" sized hole to get to the root of the problem.

Maintenance found that the sound was coming from her neighbor's HVAC, and she would need to have HVAC technicians come out to cut an even bigger hole to repair the issue.

@sie_salt finished with a lesson for her viewers:

"Please, if you learn anything... if you're hammering a nail into a wall and it won't go in - stop hammering."

Wise words.