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Someone Threw a Bottle at Harry Styles During His Show—And It Hit Him Right in the Junk

Videos from the Chicago concert captured Styles doubling over in pain while trying to "shake it off."

Someone Threw a Bottle at Harry Styles During His Show—And It Hit Him Right in the Junk

There are many reasons why we go to concerts.

A large portion of us go to enjoy the artistic stylings of someone who creates music that makes us feel good; some of us attend to bask in the energy and the vivacity of a large crowd of like-minded music lovers; and some of us just find ourselves there because we were looking for something fresh and invigorating to do on a Friday night.

What we don't do is go to throw things at the artist on stage.

Alas, here we are. Last week at the Chicago stop of the Styles' tour, a fan (and I say that loosely—as loose as that bottle that slipped out of their hands) pelted performer Harry Styles with a bottle that hit him smack dab in the middle of his crotch.

First off, let's talk about what we are all really thinking: what flawless focus and precise point, how amazing was that aim?

Here's one of the many videos taken of Styles as he is hit:

In the video you can see the former One Direction member lose direction as he bends over in pain after the bottle lands on his junk before falling to the ground. Again, inappropriate, but impeccable aim. Several video phones were able to pick up various angles of the incident. Don't we just love the 21st century?

However, the resilient actor/singer walked off the pain calling it "unfortunate" and told himself front and center to a packed crowd to "shake it off."

Styles moved right along, but not before making a joke in a high-pitched falsetto voice.

Fans felt for the star.

But they were impressed with how gracefully Styles handled it.

Styles may have handled the situation so well because it wasn't his first rodeo. Things are known to fly there too, and it wasn't the first time someone in the audience decided to show off their pitching skills.

In August, Styles was performing in New York when someone in the crowd threw a chicken nugget his way.

That encounter was a little less graceful.

Let me first start off by saying that we don't throw chicken nuggets on stage. Or any kind of nugget (I don't want to give anyone ideas.)

Why, may you ask? Because no one deserves to be assaulted by poultry.

Also, why would you waste a perfectly good chicken nugget? What would possess you to do such a thing? Styles, after grabbing the cold chicken nugget, told the crowd that he doesn't eat chicken.

He apologized and told the crowd that he doesn't eat meat after they chanted for him to eat it. He then tossed the chicken nugget back into the crowd and told the fan who owned the nugget that they could now have their nugget back.

We don't exactly know why fans seem to have it out for the celebrity.

There could be animosity over a rumored possible feud with Styles' Don't Worry Darling costar Florence Pugh, or maybe concert attenders simply do not like his stage outfits and are now revolting. All we know for sure is that the U.S. portion of his tour will continue on with his next stop in Los Angeles.

We can only hope that no bottles and or nuggets will be harmed in the process.