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Paris Hilton In 'Immense Pain' After Her Beloved Pet Chihuahua Dies At Age 23: 'She Was Family'

The reality TV star paid poignant tribute on Instagram to her chihuahua, Harajuku B, saying she was 'more than just a pet.'

Paris Hilton; Harajuku B
Kevin Mazur/MG23/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue; @parishilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton recently bid goodbye to her beloved and famous-in-her-own-right canine companion, Harajuku B.

The reality star and hieress posted a set of pictures in memoriam on Instagram, along with a truly heartfelt caption. Harajuku B was one of Hilton's many pups, who all lived in their own Pup-mansion modeled after Hilton's own home.

Hilton wrote:

"From the glitz and glamour to the quiet moments behind the scenes, she was always there, a tiny ball of love, brightening up even the darkest of days."
"We shared so many memories, laughter, and tears."

Hilton's friends offered condolences over the news of Harajuku B's passing.




Many people were surprised by the age of Harajuku B, who was quite old for a dog at a venerable 23 years.




Others empathized with Hilton.



The overwhelming sentiment was that of being sorry for Hilton's loss, but reassuring her Harajuku B lived a long life full of love.




23 is a long life for a dog that certainly lived life to the fullest.

Rest in Peace, Harajuku B.