Mark Hamill Jokes That He 'Regrets' His Pitch To Princes William And Harry About Naming Future Royal Babies

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Star Wars actor Mark Hamill was among the many people to react on social media to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex naming their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

He picked up on the baby’s middle name, sharing a photo of himself talking to Harry and Prince William along with the caption:

“Here’s me with William & Harry pitching the idea of naming any future royal baby after their favorite #StarWars actor."
“Happy they chose Archie HARRISON Mountbatten-Windsor but regret not being more specific."
“Should have pitched favorite #StarWars actor WHO PLAYED LUKE.”

The royal family’s Twitter account meanwhile shared a photograph of the Queen meeting her latest great-grandson.

The caption read:

“The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were introduced to the newborn son of The Duke & Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle.”

Archie means “genuine”, “bold” and “brave”, and is German in origin.

It is also a name well known to Americans as the eponymous character of a famous comic book – with the main figure sporting red hair.

Archie Andrews is known as “America’s typical teenager” and he and his friends have been updated for a modern audience with Riverdale, a Netflix drama series.

Netflix Canada tweeted “Archie, Earl of Riverdale”...

...while the Riverdale account posted “proud to be Archie” along with baby and crown emoji.

Chef Jamie Oliver stuck to what he knows best by creating a royal roulade in celebration of the occasion.

He tweeted:

“Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex on the arrival of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!”
“To celebrate I’ve created this Royal Roulade. A timeless classic of strawberries, sponge & cream, rolled up into a real showstopper. Big love jo x”.

The world of sport was not left out either, with basketball team Chicago Bulls getting involved on Twitter.

Sharing a modified image of their team mascot holding players Ryan Arcidiacono and Shaquille Harrison, the team’s Twitter account wrote:

“Archie Harrison has always been a royal name.”

Sports broadcaster Clare Balding shared a picture of her dog with the caption:

“This is our #Archie.”

The name Archie trended on Twitter for hours after the announcement.

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