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With perfect timing, this rhino gave birth on World Rhino Day


Could there be a more appropriate day for a rhino to give birth than World Rhino Day?

Maburi, a black rhino living at Berlin Zoo, did exactly that, welcoming a baby girl on Saturday, the day the world celebrated her species.

The zoo announced the news on Monday, releasing a video of the birth and a short clip of the newborn, who weighs around 20kg.

It was the first time a rhino birth had been filmed at the park.

As rhinos are solitary animals, the pair do not live together and are only brought together to mate.

Jasper was moved to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in March.

Black rhinos are critically endangered thanks to hunting, which saw numbers of the animal drop by 98% to fewer than 2,500 between 1960 and 1995.

Thanks to conservation efforts and breeding programmes, that number is now back above 5,000.