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Guy Pisses Off His Wife After Turning An Unflattering Photo Of Her Sleeping Into An 'Ugly' Tattoo

Guy Pisses Off His Wife After Turning An Unflattering Photo Of Her Sleeping Into An 'Ugly' Tattoo

How far would you go for a prank?

What if you're trying to reach the newest high in a multi-decade prank war, would that change your answer?

Lastly, what if you're married to the one you're pranking? Does that make your answer better, or worse?

For James McGraw, the answer is always "further".

It started when his wife, Kelly, gave him a bad haircut. He had to get revenge.

Luckily, he happened to have a photo she absolutely hated.

The photo is from a trip, where Kelly had fallen asleep on the plane. McGraw snapped a selfie with his sleeping wife and she's loathed the image ever since.

McGraw is also covered in tattoos, which made his plan very easy to figure out. After all, who doesn't think a tattoo of your paramour is romantic?

Well, if you remember the above photo, you can see where this is going. McGraw decided to get this tattooed on his body.

If we're being honest, it turned out better than you might have expected.

James Mcgraw/Facebook

Wow. That is certainly... It's, uh...

Man, that is such a horrifying tattoo.

The comment section on McGraw's photo is filled with people impressed with his act.

In 24 years of their ongoing prank war, McGraw might have picked the worst one yet.

For her part, Kelly reacted exactly how anyone in that situation would. She was mortified.

She told The Sun:

"I was horrified. I couldn't believe it. I hated the photo so much."
"I just can't look at it properly without laughing. It's horrific and he's added more chins."

Despite Kelly's incredulous reaction, others thought McGraw's prank was legendary.

For Kelly, this was a little too much.

While she and her husband have had their back and forth, she feels this was a step too far.

"There's a line and he's crossed it big time. We're just a normal family but our banter's got out of hand."
"It's still really raw. We do mess about anyway but this is on another level."

There's a problem with going nuclear in a prank war, and that's that your target is given carte blanche to get their revenge.

And Kelly is preparing to counterfire.

"I'll think of something to get him back, but it's going to have to be really, really bad to top that."

I hope we get to see how Kelly gets him back, because a response to this is going to be legendary.

But if she needs help, he internet had some extreme suggestions.

If you like less than flattering tattoos, the No Regerts Bad Tattoos: An Adult Coloring Book is available here.

James' tattoo hasn't been added yet.