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Guy Tricks His Gullible Wife Into Believing The Turkey They Bought Was Pregnant In Viral TikTok

TikToker Hunter Cordle used a raw chicken to prank his wife Devin into thinking their Thanksgiving turkey was with child.

TikTok screenshots of a concerned wife standing next to her husband

A husband pulled a Thanksgiving prank on his wife, convincing her the turkey they were about to feast on was pregnant.

TikToker Hunter posted the video with the overlaying text "Turkey prank on my wife" on their @thcrodlefamily TikTok page.

Hunter called out to his wife Devin from the kitchen:

"Come look at this."

The camera panned over to the raw turkey along with what appeared to be a raw chicken behind it.

He added:

"You're not gonna freakin' believe this."

Hunter faced the camera and crossed his fingers for viewers in the hopes his mischievousness would go undetected.

Hunter continued:

"Come look at what I just pulled out of this huge turkey.”

To which Devin called from the other room:

“I don’t know if I want to see it, honey.”

As soon as Devin entered the kitchen, Hunter said his discovery was "a baby" and the turkey was "pregnant."

Devin's appalled expression was why TikTok was invented.


Devin — WHO WOULD WE CALL 🤣🤣🤣 #hunteranddevin #prank #turkeyday #thanksgiving #funny #coupletok

After picking her jaw back up off the floor, Devin–who appeared to be in the middle of getting ready for the day's festivities–asked:

"Are you serious?"
"Are you freaking kidding me?"

Hunter answered affirmatively–even swearing it was true–and said:

“I just pulled it out of here. It’s like full-term."

Devin had both hands over her mouth in shock and became visibly emotional, saying:

"That's so terrible. It was pregnant."
"That's bad."

Hunter, trying not to give away the ruse without giving in to a giggling fit, said:

"We got a good deal on this thing, honey."

Still convinced of the anomaly in the kitchen, Devin asked how the poult came out of the turkey itself.

He replied:

"I don't know baby—that's why I've been struggling here trying to get that thing out of there."

She leaned in for a closer look with genuine concern and said the situation was "not okay."

Devin then looked at her husband and asked why he wasn't "sad about the pregnant thing."

He reiterated they still "got a good deal."

Having a hard time digesting the circumstances, Devin continued asking if he was being serious and Hunter countered she should know since they went to the store and got the bird together.

Devin, getting teary-eyed and increasingly upset, insisted:

"We need to tell them that they don’t need to kill pregnant ones.”

Not being able to hold it in any longer, Hunter started cracking up.

Devin scolded:

"Why are you laughing, this isn't funny."

When Hunter asked if they should cook both of the poultry she said "no."

The clip ended with him asking her which one to cook—"the baby or the mom"—Devin replied "The mom!"

TikTokers got a kick out of Devin being so gullible and how her emotions clouded the logic of her initial observation.





A follow-up video showed Hunter explaining to his wife the other fowl that was part of the meal prep was a chicken.


Replying to @obi.wan.kadoodle she was too stunned to speak 😅 #hunteranddevin #coupletok #funny

Devin's innocent reaction earned her adoration.





Don't ever change, Devin!