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Can someone say wardrobe malfunction?

TikTok user @dararobertss is catching some heat after posting a TikTok on her page.

It depicts a prank she pulled on her brother while on vacation. The people of TikTok are divided as to whether the prank is comedic or just cruel.

What was intended to be a harmless prank soon turned into a debate about boundaries and pranks that go a little too far.


We still haven’t told him the truth. Seth, if you see this. I’m sorry. 😂😂😂 #NBCAnnieLive #GiveWithAllYourHeart #lifegoeson #comedy #lol #humor #fyp #MyAncestryStory

The TikTok starts off unsuspectingly with all the siblings getting ready to enjoy some fun in the sun as they head down to the beach.

But viewers soon find out one brother is sporting swim trunks that dissolve in the water with all his siblings seemingly in on the prank.

Some TikTokers have dubbed the video "cruel" and "traumatizing."





Since being posted in late November, the TikTok has racked up an astounding 29 million views, 3.6 millions likes, and nearly 4,000 comments.

A majority of those comments call the sister and her siblings out for the prank given that @dararobertss admits in the caption:

"We still haven't told him the truth. Seth, if you see this. I'm sorry.😂😂😂"

The TikTok goes on to explain Dara told her brother Seth she found him brand new swim trunks at Goodwill. As her brother, in his blissfully ignorant state, makes a mad dash for the water with his brothers he soon realizes something has gone seriously awry with his pants as they start to disintegrate.

Not realizing the swim trunks were doing exactly as advertised, Seth turns to his siblings and says, “My swimming trunks ripped… bad" His sister proceeds to burst out into boisterous laughter as she watches her prank unfold successfully.

Seth goes on to say:

“Quit videoing me. I’m serious. I’m naked!”

Seth refuses to exit the ocean until someone brings him a new pair of shorts.


While most of the comments are not in Dara's favor, some users were able to find the humor in the prank, finding it as comical as Dara and her siblings did.





You win some, you lose some.