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This Guy Keeps Filling Potholes In His Town, and People Are So Appreciative They're Paying Him Back With Cash, Coffee and Pot

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Normally a good deed is supposed to be its own reward, but after a Nova Scotia man set out to fill the potholes around his town, locals were eager to show their appreciation.

If you want something done you have to do it yourself, at least that's how 22-year-old John McCue seems to feel.

Around exit 23 near McCue's Nova Scotia town of Stellarton things can get a little bumpy for commuters going down Westville road.

Chock full of potholes the route is an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous ride for travelers speeding over the mangled asphalt -- but there's not much locals can do about it.

During winter the mix of warm air from the south and freezing air from the Arctic wrecks havoc on the road and service crews struggle to keep up with the necessary repairs.

So potholes were just a fact of life for local drivers, until McCue decided to do something about it.

Armed with a snow shovel and a bright yellow jacket McCue set out to repair the numerous potholes and in the process became something of a local hero.

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Along with their eternal gratitude commuters grateful for the smoother drive have been tipping McCue with cash, coffee, and even a couple of joints.

"Yep, I'm getting definitely a lot of tips — I had a couple of people give me some joints, too, which is pretty nice," John told CBC News.

Speaking to NG News McCue says the road work is a lot like busking.

"I've busked for probably 4 or 5 years. Just like hula hooping, juggling, balance board, I do all that kind of stuff for crowds at bars to just get tip money and I actually find this very similar."
"If you do something for the public, and the public appreciates what you do, they'll pay you. You'll get by."

Though not everyone appreciates McCue's efforts.

"I did have the town police come," McCue told CBC.

"The RCMP came and the Department of Transportation came. They kind of threatened me with charges."

"Any pedestrian refusing to yield to traffic is in violation of the motor vehicle act and could be subjected to a fine," said Cpt. Ron Bryce with the Pictou RCMP when speaking with NG News.

"We certainly want to emphasize public safety and ask everyone to remain patient."

Authorities have warned McCue that not only is he impeding traffic but his presence on the road is a big safety concern, John doesn't agree though.

"I told them that I was making traffic faster," he said.

"I hope they don't come and get me until I'm done with this."

And according to him the cars driving by aren't a problem.

"I've hitchhiked for years and I've been around highways with much faster cars going much closer," McCue said.

"I know how to be safe around a vehicle in motion."

In fact the cars might even be making the work easier for him.

"I find it might be a little bit easier with the cars, because whenever I throw the dirt down, they just go over it and pack it down for me."
"Synchronicity, man."

Fortunately for McCue his work on the road is just about done.

"I would say that this job is nearly done now, but I want to make sure it's all flat."

For his tremendous service though McCue was given one last parting tip from a local tattoo artist.

John McCue/Facebook

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