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A Guy Asked His 'Crew' For Their Feedback On A Dick Pic He Was Sending To His Girlfriend, And The Internet Had No Choice But To Stan

Halfpoint Images via Getty Images; @atdanwhite/Twitter

Sometimes, it's touching to see guys have their guys' backs on everything.

Though, we didn't expect the friendship to go this far, it did.

They did that.

A guy, known only as "Derrick," was asked by his long-distance girlfriend for a dick pic.

Now he didn't wanna disappoint his girl, so he turned for his crew for constructive criticism.

"This is what your crew is for," wrote Dan White.

The group offered constructive criticism about the lighting on his testicles, as well as reassurances that Derrick's girlfriend would definitely appreciate his dick pic.

And apparently, it was indeed well received.

Dan White reported back that the pic took Derrick and his girlfriend's relationship to "a new level."

As the title says--no choice but to stan.