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Bridal Shop Worker Says Groom Accidentally Buried His Late Grandma In His Bride-To-Be's Wedding Dress

Bridal Shop Worker Says Groom Accidentally Buried His Late Grandma In His Bride-To-Be's Wedding Dress

Weddings are back, fam! But also it's 2022 so expect it to be back with a vengeance... and for things to be just as weird and surreal as everything else has been this decade.

Enter Kasia, owner of Kasia's Bridal, and absolute super hero.

She shared the story of how her shop saved the day after a groom accidentally buried his dead grandma in his bride-to-be's wedding dress.

After grandma passed, she wanted to be buried in her wedding dress since her husband had been buried in his wedding tux.

A common and heartwarming decision.

Except the men were left in charge of retrieving the dress for grannies closed casket funeral and just grabbed the first bridal bag they saw in the closet.

Problem: That wasn't grandma's dress.

Other problem: Closed casket funeral. Nobody saw the dress on grandma before it went into the ground.

By the time the family was done mourning and ready to start sorting through things, grandma had been six fabulous feet under for a while.

Imagine the horror of going through the closet, realizing grandmas dress was still in there, and having it dawn on you that you must have just buried your grandma in the dress your partner was supposed to wear to walk down the aisle to you.

After the dress is purchased and altered, lots of brides give them to someone to store until the big day. In this case, the bride gave her dress to "mom."

His mom - not hers. Which means the brides dress went in the same closet grandma's dress was in. The closet that he and his clueless brother were sent into the look for a wedding dress.

Yeah ... the groom was frantic.

Not really willing to dig up a corpse, rinse the goo off the dress, and ask his bride to wear it - the groom called Kasia's shop desperate to see if she could re-order the dress.

After coming to terms with the fact that the groom was serious about what happened, she got to work.

First, she reached out to the designer - who told her they were too close to the wedding for a new dress to happen.


The family, who was all involved and invested by now, was left with no choice. They had to tell the bride the truth.

She was about to get married and didn't have a wedding dress - but grandma was looking lovely and beautifully bustled on the other side.

She would need to figure out a new dress and had very little time to do it.

Amazingly - the bride was thrilled. Turns out she had her own secret - she was pregnant!

The original gown wouldn't have fit her correctly on the wedding day anyway.

We're not saying this was orchestrated by a very in-the-know granny spirit, but we're not NOT saying that...

Kasia's team was able to use extra fabric to create a look the bride loved and fit her well - and the couple is, so far, living happily ever after.

Not all heros wear capes, but if Kasia and her squad did they would probably be gorgeously beaded or absolute organza dreamscapes.

They totally deserve them.