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Scantily-Clad 'Grittney' Makes Waves Across The Pond In London After Celebrating Trump's Loss

Scantily-Clad 'Grittney' Makes Waves Across The Pond In London After Celebrating Trump's Loss

Democratic Americans were not the only ones celebrating after Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes declared Joe Biden as the President-elect over Donald Trump.

While proud Biden/Harris supporters honked their car horns and cheered over the historic win, one peculiar celebrant was seen traipsing around London clad only in a skimpy American flag-patterned bikini in an apparent celebration over President Donald Trump's impending departure from the Oval Office.

The nearly nude reveler was none other than "Grittney"—the unofficial Philadelphia Flyers National Hockey League mascot and female counterpart to googly-eyed "Gritty."

Created by London native Riot Rogers—whom Jezebel referred to as a "Genius seamstress, prop maker, and cosplayer"—Grittney was spotted across the pond holding various signs, one of which read "You f'd around" and flipped to the other side that said, "You found out."

Many people did not know what to make of Grittney.

The tall orange-furred moppet also was seen holding a sign bidding the soon-to-be former occupant of the White House a fond adieu.

Rogers is an aspiring costume designer who had one goal in mind when creating Grittney.

The 27-year-old told Philebrity:

"I wanted her to be upsettingly sexy."

She professed to being a Flyers fan and decided to make a sexy female "Gritty" as a throwaway statement to friends as a joke after initially being repulsed by Gritty.

Grittney eventually became a manifestation of Rogers' frustration and grief.

She said—in a space of one week—she had her pets put down, got concussed, and was dumped by her boyfriend of three years while visiting him in Texas.

Rogers realized she needed a distraction, and thus, Grittney was born.

Fans of Rogers' work praised her latest creation.

Rogers said Grittney is made from parts of upholstery, synthetic batting, foam matting, 100 feet of hair extensions and has a "defined a** crack"—something the costume designer admitted to being the worst thing she has ever done.

But we're not mad at her for it.