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GOP House Candidate Who Lost By Nearly 50 Points Channels Trump In Effort To Overturn Election Result

Caroline Colarusso for US Congress/Facebook

Caroline Colarusso, a Massachusetts Republican who lost her election in an overwhelmingly landslide this past November, seems to be influenced by President Trump's attempts to overturn the results of the election in court.

Despite losing to Democrat Katherine Clark by 49 percentage points, Colarusso is now one of several Republicans claiming the results should be decertified due to "widescale voter fraud, compromised electronic voting systems, and unconstitutional provisions for early and mail-in voting."

All three congressional candidates involved in the suit lost their races by at least 25 points, but many online find Colarusso's participation is the most audacious considering her overwhelming defeat at the polls.

Though unlikely to succeed in court, many have noted the similarity of Colarusso's suit to the claims filed in various states by President Donald Trump.

It seems the President's hold over the Republican party may extend beyond his time in office.

Twitter was disgusted by the Republicans who, in many people's minds, were ready to overturn democracy for their own benefit.

Colarusso claimed on Twitter that her opponent's silence was evidence of wrongdoing, but many pointed out that her arguments weren't worth responding to.

U.S. District Court Judge Allison Burroughs was not receptive to the plaintiffs arguments, saying:

"You don't get to look at the constitutional issues, and not say a word until after the election and after you've lost."

It seems Colarusso's time in politics is over before it began.