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TikToker Floored To Find Someone Drilled Into Their Work Van's Gas Tank To Steal Gas Due To High Prices

TikToker Floored To Find Someone Drilled Into Their Work Van's Gas Tank To Steal Gas Due To High Prices

Sharing is caring, but one TikToker recently learned that lesson unwittingly.

With gas prices soaring due to price gouging by industries making record profits annually, some drivers have started getting inventive with the way they go about acquiring gas for their vehicles.

And it's not coming from the traditional gas stations as one TikToker found out the hard way.

Watch it here:


This new way of stealing gas is ridiculous. Couldn’t believe it when I walked out and seen this. #gas #gasprices #fresno #california #gasbandits #drillingforoil #gasstation #free99 #badday

The 22-second TikTok posted by Collin Akers, known as @collinakers on the social media platform, has garnered 3.5 million views, nearly 292,000 likes, and over 4,000 comments since being posted just five days ago.

Viewers took to the comment section to relay their sympathy for the frustrating and unfortunate event.





Text overlayed in the video read:

“Someone decided to help themselves to the gas out of my work van since gas prices are so high by drilling a hole into my gas tank."

Collin went on to write:

“It ends up costing over $2,000 to repair plus $1,700 in van rental fees."

Collin relayed in the video he walked out to his work vehicle only to notice something seemed slightly amiss. Upon examining the underbelly of the vehicle, Collin noticed a transportable gasoline container placed underneath and someone had punctured a hole in his gas tank.

The gasoline that was once in his vehicle was being drained into the container.

AAA Gas Prices reports the current national average gas price in the United States is $4.255, a dramatic increase compared to the average of $3.53 from a mere month ago.

The sudden increase in gas prices can be largely attributed to the recent events in Europe where Russia invaded Ukraine. Since this unprovoked act of aggression against the country, the Biden administration has implemented major tariffs on the former Soviet Union.



The TikTok community took to the comment section to commiserate with Collin, many of them feeling the financial impact of the new gas prices themselves and recognizing the inconvenient truth of what these gas prices have become the catalyst for.

Collin's situation and subsequent TikTok joins a growing number of videos that started cropping up on the social media platform, relaying the unbelievable incidents happening to people's cars all over the country.



As videos like this continue to crop up on the internet, we'll all be keeping a closer eye on our vehicles.