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Baby Born On Paris Train During Rush Hour Commute Gets Surprise Gift From The Transit Authority ❤️

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A Paris subway train was delayed on Monday morning after a woman went into labor. French authorities decided the baby deserved a reward.

RATP, the French transit authority, shared the "unannounced birth" on the subway's information screens as rescue workers tended to the mother and her newborn baby.

The incident took place on the RER A line, which runs directly through the heart of the French capital.

Despite the travel interruption, commuters were supportive of the mother, who received a "sincere congratulations" from the RATP.

"A good reason the train is late."

French authorities then announced that the baby would receive free subway rides until he is 25.

Within a couple hours, train traffic had returned to normal. Some commuters tweeted that this was the only positive thing to ever happen on the RER A line.

Others expressed their envy that the kid is going to get to ride the subway for free.

Maybe someone needs to give birth in an Uber...

"Now we know the key to giving our kids a head start in life," one user joked.

Others took this opportunity to blast the Paris subway system, which many say is riddled with problems.

Can you imagine how New Yorkers would have reacted to this? We just love when our trains are delayed.