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Fred Rogers' Widow Just Blasted 'Pathologically Ill' Trump After He Held A Rally In Mr. Rogers' Hometown

Fred Rogers' Widow Just Blasted 'Pathologically Ill' Trump After He Held A Rally In Mr. Rogers' Hometown
Jason Merritt/Getty Images; MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images

For many who grew up with Fred Rogers, the children's show host remains a moral compass of modern American culture.

President Trump was likely unaware that Latrobe, Pennsylvania, was Rogers' hometown when he chose to visit the city for a rally, but Trump's presence was significant for many in the community.

One Latrobe resident who made it clear how she felt about the President's visit was Joanne Rogers, the 92-year-old widow of Mr. Rogers.

During his lifetime, Mr. Rogers went out of his way to avoid talking politics in public, but Joanne Rogers told The Daily Beastshe has none of her husband's constraints.

"Fred tried to stay pretty quiet about politics, basically because his program was for children."
"I'm alone now. I don't do a program for children."

She shared her frank opinion on President Trump prior to his visit.

"I think he's just a horrible person."

Rogers was asked how she would react if President Trump won reelection.

"I will probably go into mourning. I can't even imagine. I would feel so badly."

She also explained her strong feelings about Donald Trump.

"I think maybe the fact that Mr Trump seldom tells the truth. If he does, it's just a fluke, I think. But the fact [is] that I can't believe anything he says, not even the simplest thing."
"This man is pathologically ill. Mentally ill."

On the other hand, Rogers has very positive feelings about Trump's opponent, Joe Biden.

She said:

"I am a very big Biden fan."
"I think he's kind. I think we all need somebody like Biden who can give us little pats on the back."

Rogers doesn't understand why Biden receives occasional criticism for his physical closeness.

"I said, 'Listen, I understand that completely, I'm a hugger, and I would certainly want a hug from him.'"

As for Biden's age, Rogers isn't worried at all.

"Seventy-seven seems still pretty young to me."

It seems the Rogers family wouldn't be so happy about a visit from a neighbor like Donald Trump.