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Harrison Ford Just Settled The Debate On If It's Ok To Punch Today's Nazis—And We Love Him Even More

The 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' star was asked by a reporter how Indiana Jones would react to Nazis today, and he gave an iconic response.

Harrison Ford
Laurent KOFFEL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Harrison Ford's legendary character Indiana Jones made his feelings about Nazis pretty clear.

But given the present day political climate complete with Republicans embracing actual Nazis out and about in public, Yahoo’s Kevin Polowy asked Ford if he thinks his fictional character—the "ultimate Nazi puncher"—would support those going around socking the aforementioned fascists in the face.

Ford, who was promoting the final Indy installment Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, responded in a way that makes us—if it's at all possible—love him even more.

The Star Wars legend not only said Indy would support Nazi punchers, but he would also be the first in line to get in a shot.

"He'd push them out of the way to get in the first punch... as well he should."

Ford continued:

“That was a black-and-white world and its evil presented itself to the world."
“I mean, it’s incalculable that this vision of evil not be confronted.”

You can watch the clip below.

Many on social media agreed with his response.

Some included Indiana Jones-inspired memes.

You will be able to see Indiana Jones fight some Nazis again on June 30.

Enjoy the trailer below.