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Florida Judge Stunned After Woman Says She Can't Serve On Jury Because Of Her 'Sugar Daddy'

Florida Judge Stunned After Woman Says She Can't Serve On Jury Because Of Her 'Sugar Daddy'

It seems like people will say just about anything to get out of jury duty. And sometimes that anything is particularly surprising.

In Florida, a woman told a judge she was unable to serve on a jury due to needing to see her “sugar daddy.” And the internet had a blast with this news.

The clip of the judge talking with the potential juror went viral online.

The jury selection was for the sentencing of the Parkland school shooter who had pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder after his mass shooting rampage in 2018. The jury will determine the punishment for Cruz.

However, one woman will for sure not be serving in that jury pool.

During the selection process, Judge Elizabeth Scherer asked if she had missed anyone with questions or concerns about their ability to perform on the jury. One woman, identified as Mrs. Bristol, spoke up saying she had some conflicts.

Bristol addressed the judge saying:

“This is a whole entire month."
"First of all, let me clarify myself, July 2 is my birthday, July 4 is my son, and the 18 is my other son.”

The judge verified Bristol was talking about dates the potential juror would be unavailable.

Bristol then continued, talking about another conflict:

“And again, I need to figure out something."
"I have my sugar daddy that I see every day.”

This caught the attention of the internet.

Judge Sherer tried to get Bristol to clarify, but her explanation seemed to only make things less clear.

The judge asked:

“OK, I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about but we’ll ...”

Bristol confidently replied:

“I’m married and I have my sugar daddy."
"I see him every day.”

A local news station caught up with Bristol after her video went viral to try and get some clarification. Bristol, who is a native New Yorker, says she wasn’t lying about her situation to get out of serving on the jury.

And she felt it would be a genuine financial hardship.

“If I do this case for six months I have a hardship that means my sugar daddy can’t support me.”

According to her, this would cost her $8,000.00 each month. Judge Sherer seemed to agree, dismissing Bristol for the financial difficulty this would cause.

For $8000, she must have a good thing going.

Out of hundreds of potential jurors, 12 were chosen to decide the Parkland mass shooter’s fate, with 8 alternates to take their place.

As one might expect, Bristol will not be among them.