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Fetty Wap Arrested for Drunk Drag Racing in Brooklyn

Fetty Wap Arrested for Drunk Drag Racing in Brooklyn

Rapper and musician Fetty Wap was arrested after he was caught drag racing with another vehicle in Brooklyn by the NYPD. He was charged with a DUI for drunk driving and other related charges including illegal drag racing. Willie Maxwell II, professionally known as Fetty Wap, is a 26-year-old rapper who rose to celebrity status after his debut single, "Trap Queen," reached number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart back in May 2015.

Not too many seem all that surprised by his actions, as the Twitterverse does a collective shaking of the head.

One person commented, "Last time Fetty Wap got into a motorcycle accident & God spared his life with a broken leg. Now he’s drag racing drunk? He got a death wish."

To which another added: "This mans trying to lose his other eye."


This is not the first vehicular incident that the rapper has been party to in the last two years.

In September of 2015, shortly after his rise to national recognition, Fetty Wap was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle while riding a motorcycle, according to a TMZ report. He was in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey at the time, and suffered a broken leg.

Unfortunately, people couldn't help but make fun of the fact that the rapper only has one good eye.

"The AP interviewed 1 eye witness who confirmed the story."

"He needs to keep his eye on the road."

"Every time he blinks he's driving with his eyes closed too... does that add to the charges?"

"He was charged with 15 counts including not keeping both eyes on the road"

Fetty Wap has said the number one question he is always asked is "What happened to your eye?"

The rapper explained to Shade 45's DJ Self that the true story is nothing notorious at all: "I tell everybody it's nothing, because it's really nothing to me. What happened is, when I was little I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes. The doctor saved one, I was blessed to still have my vision. That's it. That's the story."

His fans who looked up to him are of course disappointed with his reckless behavior.

Johnnie Gibson: "So you mean to tell me Fetty Wap was drunk drag racing with one eye ball? That's a suicide mission."

Brad Fox: "I always looked up to Fetty Wap for his wisdom and moral guidance. So this really hurts."

Cameron Gray: "I expected better of Fetty Wap"

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