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Conservatives Slammed For Falsely Claiming U.S. Soccer Players Turned Their Backs During National Anthem


Conservativesi have been having conniptions regarding athletes who choose not to stand with their hands over their hearts for the United States' national anthem.

Though, recently, these qualms of outrage have gotten more and more ridiculous, to the point conservative pundits are seeing so-called infractions where none exist.

Like the United States Women's National Soccer Team.

A false claim about the US team took hold of the internet on Monday, after conservative social media accounts began reporting the team "turned their backs" on 98-year-old Pete DuPre, who sang the US national anthem for the game.

A look closer at the purported incident shows that the players who were being slammed for turning their backs were in fact hailing an American Flag on the other side of the field, located next to the scoreboard at the University of Connecticut's Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

Several team members had their hands over their hearts while looking at the flag.

Several members of the team also commented on the original "conspiracy" tweeted by the Post Millennial.

Ultimately, the team won against their opposition, Mexico, 4-0.

The National Women's Team are set to play in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.