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Entomologist's Detailed Ratings For All The Various Ant Emojis Have The Internet Cracking Up


People are giggling after an entomologist took the various ant emoji from iPhone, Samsung, etc... and reviewed them in a completely unscientific manner.

Posted on tumblr by curlicuecal, it quickly spread to other social media.

The first ant is Apple's, and the scientist had nothing but good things to say, giving it 11/10!

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

But not all ant emojis were created equal, as we soon found out.

Google and WhatsApp fare OK with 7 and 6 out of 10.

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

"This ant may not know quite where she is going, but she knows how she is getting there."

Words to live by.

But Samsung and Microsoft got only 2 and 3.


Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

But things recovered with LG getting 7/10.

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

HTC garnered 8/10 for their pared down model.

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Messenger got high marks—9/10—for their sturdy looking ant who "looks like she would help you move."

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

And Facebook came in second only to Apple with 10 out of 10 for their "elegant ant."

"This ant inspires me. I want to be like her."

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Sadly, from there it just went downhill.

Emojidex garnered a sympathetic 3/10 for their broken legged ant.

"I am rooting for her."

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

EmojiOne produced a "not an ant" reminiscent of a Hork-Bajir* earning them a 1/10.

* shout out to the Animorphs fans!

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Twitter got accused of not even trying with their 0/10 earning black splotch.

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

And Mozilla was so rage inducing they went into negative numbers for their termite impersonating an ant.


Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Each ant has a different style, a different life or a different story. But they're all female.

When asked why, curlicuecal explained:

Amy Breitsprecher/Facebook

Hey, delanie! 🕷🌈

People were thrilled with the antmoji interpretations.

These reviews are both hysterical but also pure and wholesome.

Have you ever found yourself so interested in ants before this little piece of wholesomeness?

Happy Friday, everyone. May you all be the Apple ant today.

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