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Emily Ratajkowski Slams Ellen For How She Treated Taylor Swift On Her Show In Resurfaced Video

The model weighed in on TikTok after a clip of the talk show host mocking Swift's love life started making the rounds.

Emily Ratajkowski; Taylor Swift and Ellen Degeneres
Taylor Hill/WireImage; TheEllenShow via YouTube

A resurfaced and now-viral video has been making the rounds online, and many are calling out Ellen Degeneres' treatment of guest Taylor Swift.

Swift joined the host on The Ellen Show, and was quickly made uncomfortable when Degeneres' displayed a slideshow of men and urged the singer to ring a bell when a photo of someone she dated appeared.

Swift replied:

"I don't know if I'm gonna do this."

Ellen persists:

"Yeah you will."

Swift never rang the bell and continued to beg Degeneres to stop the segment. Eventually, the host grabbed the bell and started ringing it for the singer.

You can watch the full cringeworthy segment below.

Ellen DeGeneres asked Taylor Swift about the men she's

In a recent interview, Swift opened up to Zane Lowe about her identity being directly related to men she dated.

"When I was, like, 23, people were just kind of reducing me to - kind of making slideshows of my dating life and putting people in there that I'd sat next to at a party once and deciding that my songwriting was like a trick rather than a skill and a craft."

She continued:

"It's a way to take a woman who's doing her job and succeeding at doing her job and making things."
"And in a way it's figuring out how to completely minimize that skill by taking something that everyone in their darkest, darkest moments loves to do, which is just to slut shame, you know?"
"And that happened to me at a very young age, so that was a bit hard."

A TikToker—@thatnostalgicgirl—created a video of the Zane Lowe interview atop the Ellen segment, noting Swift's comments were absolutely about the Ellen segment.


in this interview she’s 100% describing being on the Ellen show 😤 #taylorswift #swiftie #k18results #taylorsversion #swiftok #theellendegeneresshow

Model and actor Emily Ratajkowski was quick to share her disgust.

She commented:

"This is so f**ked up."
"She's literally begging her to stop."


Viewers completely agreed with Ratajkowski.








Many also commented that, sadly, the display was typical Ellen behavior.




Good for TSwift for standing her ground and not playing along.