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Someone Threw An Egg At The Australian Prime Minister's Head—And It Just Bounced Right Off Without Breaking

AP/PA Images

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a lucky escape after a protester tried and failed to crack an egg on his head.

The 24-year-old protester hit the top of Mr Morrison’s head with the egg, but it bounced off.

Scott Morrison egged while campaigning in Albury | ABC News www.youtube.com

The protester, Amber Holt, was carried outside and later charged with common assault and possession of cannabis. The egg was later picked up by ABC journalist Dan Conifer.

He said on Twitter that “it didn’t seem to have been boiled”.

The ensuing commotion after the egg was thrown caused a 70-year-old woman to be knocked to the floor.

Morrison helped Margaret Baxter to her feet and she said she was “very grateful” for his assistance.

Baxter later said she had been knocked over, and that she landed on her hip – but was not injured.

The protest comes a week before an Australian general election, and Morrison called for more civility in the campaign.

“Pardon the pun, but I don’t want to over-egg this thing,” he said. “At the same time, what my concern was, for Margaret and the disregard the individual seemed to have for those others who were in the room.”

“We will stand up to thuggery whether it’s these cowardly activists who have no respect for anyone, or militant unionists standing over small businesses and their employees on work sites,” Mr Morrison later tweeted.AP/PA Images

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