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Creative Duo Spends Their Isolation Using Their Closets To Cleverly Recreate Famous Looks, From Mary Poppins To Elton John

Harriet Clare and Chloe Mead have been dressing up during lockdown (Harriet Clare and Chloe Mead)

Two freelance workers have been using their time in self-isolation to recreate famous looks, including Mary Poppins, Edward Scissorhands, and even My Little Pony.

Freelance photographer Harriet Clare, 29, and dancer and performer Chloe Mead, 28, have found themselves isolating at Ms. Mead's parents' house in West Sussex, England, with all work for the foreseeable future canceled.

Ms. Clare told the PA news agency:

"We don't want to detract from the severity of the situation, but hopefully it can be a welcome distraction and an inspiration for people to be creative at home."

"When at first all our work was canceled it felt really disheartening as a creative to feel completely redundant and helpless towards the unfolding situation."
"Even though we're very aware that we're not on the frontline, it has been nice to show how creativity is still important in these trying times."

They have spent the last 12 days dressing up as different characters, including Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's novel Matilda and Sir Elton John.

Ms. Clare said:

"It started one morning when Chloe put her hair up and it looked like Little My from the Moomins and so she decided to finish the look off and we sent it to some friends."
"They laughed so we thought it would be funny to ask people to challenge Chloe to dress up. The first suggestion was Captain Jack Sparrow and we laughed so much doing it we decided to continue asking for challenges."

You can check out some of their other looks below.

The costumes are a combination of the pair's wardrobes, four costume boxes collected over the years, and some inventive sewing.

Ms. Clare said:

"We take it day by day and put forward options that people have suggested to us in an online poll. So we basically have very little control. The madness comes from everybody else."