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This New 'Due To Personal Reasons' Meme Has Us Feeling Very Seen

This New 'Due To Personal Reasons' Meme Has Us Feeling Very Seen

When you have to get out of work, there's a magic phrase that bosses can't ask any questions about which gives you carte to do whatever you want whenever you want: "Due to personal reasons."

Wait, is that not how the phrase actually works? Well, somebody had better tell Twitter, because there's a new viral meme where users are using self-care as an excuse to indulge in some of their most self-destructive tendencies.

The meme was started by Twitter user @samelpan, who kicked things off strong!

Quickly, everyone on Twitter had their own unstated "personal reasons."

Some of these behaviors aren't particularly healthy, but sometimes you just have to let loose (for personal reasons).

We've all been there.

Some Twitter users used the meme as an opportunity to truly open up and let us see what's inside.

Others just did what we've all always wanted to do.

With any luck, all of these people will be back to work soon, working twice as hard for their time off!

These people deserve to take a day and follow their hearts, whatever the personal reasons for their actions may be.

Congratulations to everyone out there who's seizing the day, doing what they've always wanted to do due to personal reasons! We've all been there—Carpe diem!