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Drake Once Wore Old Man Prosthetics To Be Incognito At Friend's Court Hearing—And It Backfired Hard

The rapper dressed up as an '80-year-old man' to avoid detection, but fans quickly realized who he was.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Most of us have gone to great lengths to be there for a friend when they really needed us. But when you're famous, it can be more challenging to be there for your friends.

That's why Drake went incognito to a friend's court hearing.

Drake recalled this memory in a conversation with Lil' Yachty on A Moody Conversation.

"I once did like three hours of prosthetics so I could attend somebody's court date that I cared about, 'cause they were in trouble for something."

He added it didn't work.

"I walked in there as this like 80-year-old man, and everyone is like, 'Is that Drake as an 80-year-old?' "
"I had one of the best Hollywood makeup artists in the world and they were still like, 'That's definitely Drake in there'."

You can see the full episode here:

When the internet heard this story, they had a lot of things to say.

Several people assumed he testified.

Others just wanted to poke fun at the rapper.

Regardless of how funny this story is, it's nice Drake tried to support his friend even if it didn't work.