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Trump Is Getting Dragged for Unveiling His Latest Bonkers Vote-By-Mail Conspiracy Theory in Another All Caps Tweet

Trump Is Getting Dragged for Unveiling His Latest Bonkers Vote-By-Mail Conspiracy Theory in Another All Caps Tweet
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Weeks after Twitter flagged his tweets making false claims about expanded mail-in voting measures, President Donald Trump is once again fomenting mistrust of voting procedures in the face of a pandemic.

As Trump's reelection odds plummet, Trump tweeted the conspiracy theory that foreign countries would print out mail-in ballots and somehow have them counted as actual votes.

That was just the beginning.

Since the 2016 campaign, Trump has baselessly claimed that millions of fraudulent ballots are counted in U.S. presidential elections. He put forth the same defense after losing the popular vote by the widest margin of any electoral college winner to Hillary Clinton. There is no credible evidence that millions of fraudulent ballots were cast in any presidential election.

People thought the President's claims were completely unhinged.

Many users believe Trump is setting the stage for excuses for a potential loss to Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.

Others are hoping Twitter will once again flag the false claim.

Despite constantly decrying expanded mail-in voting procedures, the President himself voted by mail in Florida recently, despite being in Florida for its early voting period.

The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, echoed the President's claims, yet voted by mail numerous times as well.

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