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Trump Gives Bizarre Speech To Animal Charity That Has Funneled Nearly $2M To His Properties

Trump Gives Bizarre Speech To Animal Charity That Has Funneled Nearly $2M To His Properties
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Trump family was criticized for corruption once again this past weekend after reports revealed a dog rescue charity, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, which is linked to Lara Trump, has funneled nearly $2 million dollars to the Trump family through his properties.

The charity held a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago this past weekend where Trump himself made a surprise appearance, lying about his former administration's committmentt o helping dogs in need.

During his impromptu speech, Trump claimed to the attendees:

"What you're doing is so important. It's so great and so important. And I'm with you 100 percent."
"And we had many meetings in the White House, in the Oval Office having to do with saving and helping dogs. And that's what we wanted to do."

Though much of Trump's time in office was unstructured with few records, no evidence has been found of the Trump administration taking any steps to help dogs.

This makes it even stranger that a charity has spent so much money (presumably intended to help rescue dogs) enriching the Trump family.

Trump also claimed, with no evidence:

"And tremendous progress has been made. We've had many meetings actually on it and things that I never even would think is possible in terms of some of the cruelty and the horrible things that happen. And we've turned them around and made them great things."

The Trump family has a history of misusing charity money and many online suggested this was a continuation of that trend.

While the Trump administration took no noticeable steps to help dogs, The Washington Post did note:

"People who failed or whom Trump wanted to depict as impotent had 'choked like dogs' or were 'fired like dogs' or couldn't be elected dogcatcher."

Since Trump was no champion for dogs while in office, a charity's massive support for him now seems a little fishy.

Former President Trump is now using charity money to turn a profit at his properties—a familiar situation for many.

Many Presidents use their time after leaving office to support charities by helping them raise awareness of their causes or by donating time and money.

Former President Trump is seemingly trying a different tactic: fleece charities for every penny they're worth while helping only himself.