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​Trump Is Getting Trolled After Declaring His Presidency 'The Age Of Trump'

​Trump Is Getting Trolled After Declaring His Presidency 'The Age Of Trump'
Michael Kappeler/picture alliance via Getty Images

President Trump's attacks on the media have become so commonplace since he took office that it can be easy to just gloss over them.

But he turned quite a few heads (and caused many eyes to roll, no doubt) in a tweet on Wednesday touting his tenure as President as the "Age of Trump."

After time spent disparaging Fox News (yes, really), Trump slams the media as "massively dishonest," saying that he hopes a "big part" of his legacy will be his contributions to "exposing" the "Fake News."

Soon, the phrase "Age of Trump" started trending on Twitter as people began to drag Trump for his blatant narcissism.

People will certainly remember Trump for many things, but most of them aren't positive.

Several prominent Democrats got in on the roasting as well.

Many also used the moniker to describe the age Trump seems to be, with the consensus being that he's not quite mature enough yet for kindergarten.

But if we do have an "Age of Trump" to contend with, at least it pales in comparison to some others.


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