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This Tweet Meme About The Insane Schedule Of Upcoming Disney Movies Is Totally Accurate

With the acquisition of 20th Century Fox movies safely behind them, Disney's gradual takeover of Hollywood is one step closer to reality.

Looking into the future, the house of mouse recently released their projected schedule of movie releases through 2027

Twitter user @jessehawken summed up most people's feelings best with a perfect Shining meme.

The rest of Twitter piled on with some Shining references of their own.

Anyone who'd seen the schedule couldn't help but laugh!

Many expressed confusion at the strangely detailed timeline.

Others expressed fear for upcoming projects.

One thing everyone could agree on: being sick of Disney's live-action remakes!

This schedule will be impacting the world for quite a while...

So get your popcorn ready! Come 2026, we're all going to be at the movie theater watching Untitled Marvel and loving it!