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Disney Show That's Been Off The Air For More Than A Decade Is Trending For Its Not-So-Subtle Tones Of Incest

Disney Show That's Been Off The Air For More Than A Decade Is Trending For Its Not-So-Subtle Tones Of Incest
George Pimentel / Contributor / Getty Images

One of the more fun affects of the launch of the Disney + streaming service is that it's got people reminiscing about their favorite old Disney shows.

People are sharing the memories that make them laugh, make them cry, and—in the case of Life With Derek—make them ask some serious questions about why Disney was out here serving up some serious brother/sister romantic tension like an incesty subplot was no big deal.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it follows a sort of Brady Bunch trope. A woman with kids marries a man with kids and the new siblings hash out their power dynamic with hijinks and shenanigans.

The plot focuses on Derek, the teenaged son, and Casey, the teenaged daughter. The two bantered and battled back and forth on the Disney channel from 2005-2009, but the show is actually a Canadian sitcom.

Maybe the slight cultural differences account for the now-super-obvious romantic tension between two characters who were supposed to be siblings, at least by marriage?

Because yeah... it's clear that showrunners didn't shy away from the tension. You can't tell us the music placement in this scene wasn't absolutely on purpose.

We're not imagining things.

The tension was so obvious that many fans of the show totally shipped Derek and Casey together as a couple during the time the show ran. Turns out the fans weren't the only ones to support #Dasey.

The show's creator, Daphne Ballon, told a fan on Tumblr that she absolutely understood people shipping the couple.

The actors themselves have even stated that they felt Derek and Casey should have ended up together. Michael Seater (Derek) said as much to MTV in 2016. Ashley Leggat (Casey) said the pair ending up together would have been a natural progression of their relationship.

So this is definitely not something people were just imagining, but it is something that younger or more casual viewers may not have noticed at the time... which is leading to a lot of blown minds on Twitter now that the show is a trending topic.

Let's take a peek at some of the chatter.

Ashley and Michael even spoke up about it again just yesterday!

#Dasey fans may not get to see the two as a couple any time soon, but that doesn't mean they can't still watch the actors work. Life With Derek may be over, but both stars have kept busy.

Michael Seater moved on from playing lovable but annoying Derek to playing James Gillies—a brilliant and murderous sociopath who torments authorities and kills just for funsies in Victorian-era Toronto—on the long-running show Murdoch Mysteries (available on Hulu.) Seater also has a film on Netflix called Sadie's Last Days On Earth.

Ashley just debuted a horror film at Frightfest called One In Two People.

Now, how about those Greg and Marcia Brady rumors...