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Bella Thorne Reveals Director Once Accused Her Of 'Flirting With Him' When She Was 10-Years-Old

The 'Midnight Sun' actor slammed the unnamed director on the podcast 'High Low with EmRata'.

Bella Thorne
Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for Each x Other

*The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

On Tuesday's episode of Emily Ratajkowski's podcast High Low with EmRata, actor Bella Thorne engaged in conversation with Ratajkowski about the over-sexualization and pressure young girls face in Hollywood.

Thorne, unfortunately all too familiar, recalled an accusation by a casting director that still haunts her to this day.

Thorne shared that the director accused then 10-year-old Thorne of flirting with him during a casting session.

She said of the incident:

"I had a director give me feedback once, and I was 10."
"The casting director calls my agent and the agent calls my mom, and they'e like, 'So she's not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him, and it made him really uncomfortable.'"

Thorne revealed that though she kept reminding herself that she "was not the problem," she "almost found fault in [herself]."

She said that she just kept thinking:

"What did you do, Bella? What did you do?"
"You made him feel like this."

Now, however, looking back, Thorne said:

"I don't give a f**k what the f**k I said. I don't care if I said, 'Eat my p**sy right now.'"
"[I was] 10 years old. Why would you ever think that [I was flirting]?"

Thorne also pointed out:

"Also, you're in a director session. You can't really say or do anything."
"You do the scene. You say hello. And you walk out."
"There is no time to go sit on your lap or make you uncomfortable."
"What the f**k are you talking about?"

Many on Twitter were equally as disturbed.

Thorne previously shared on Instagram that she was sexually and physically abused "from the day [she] can remember [until she] was 14."

She share in her post that at 14, "I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it."

Thorne finished her post:

"All d*mn night. Waiting for someone to take advantage of my life again."
"Over and over I waited for it to stop and finally it did."
"But some of us aren't as lucky to get out alive."

On the podcast, Thorne spoke on the pressure young Hollywood faces and how she has ultimately transitioned.

"I fell like I've rocked the word 'sex' for a long time and I'll always keep rocking this word because it's what's been put on me since I was so little, and yet it's still something that I've taken so much of my own power back by owning that word."


If you or someone you know experienced sexual assault, help is out there.

You can reach the RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline by calling 1-800-656-4673, use their Live Chat tool:, or visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website.

In Canada, help is available through the Ending Violence Association of Canada website.

International resources can be found through the Rape Crisis Network Europewebsite.