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Deadpool Rumored To Be Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe—And Fans Have A Strong Suspicion As To How

20th Century Fox/YouTube; @OG_Dad_Swag/Twitter

After a long string of negotiations, the Marvel characters licensed out to 20th Century Fox are finally able to appear in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And while many eyes are on having the X-Men meet the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building added to the New York skyline, Disney is a little more focused on a very popular character.

Rumor has it, Disney is looking at different options to bring Deadpool into their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has claimed a trusted source revealed Disney's internal discussions about bringing the 'Merc with a Mouth' into their continuity.

These include using Deadpool 3 or a Disney+ series to explain it. While tempting, the third option on the table has fans really excited.

There has reportedly been discussion about having Wade Wilson guest star in the next Spider-man movie after Far From Home.

This sounds like a fan's dream! In the comics, Spidey and Deadpool have a great back and forth, as they're both very talkative heroes, but coming from very different perspectives.

However, all is not well. There is a portion of their relationship that includes a one-sided crush Wilson has on Spidey. Considering Peter Parker in the MCU is still a teenager, this would be more than a little creepy.

That's not to say it's impossible, but effort would have to be taken to do this right.

I'm going to catch flak for saying this, but maybe they should just drop that one aspect of their interactions?

However, we may not have to worry about it. Shortly after this story broke, another leaker spoke up about Deadpool's uncertain future.

Roger Wardell, a source who gave accurate information about Avengers: Endgame in December, says there's no plans to add Deadpool to the next Spider-man film. Instead, Deadpool will remain on the periphery, much like he did with the X-Men films.

However, he does bring up an interesting tidbit. Apparently, Sony is heavily lobbying for their Venom to appear in Spider-man 3 instead.

While the Tom Hardy film received a harsh response from critics, it proved popular with the general audience. Hardy's performance in particular received praise, as well as the relationship between his character, Eddie Brock and the symbiote.

So, our choices are Deadpool or Venom then?

All of this speculation is pretty far off in terms of planning. Marvel has yet to release Spider-man: Far From Home, their second Spider-man film. Who knows what kind of changes can be made in the years between now and the 3rd film's release?

It's even possible that fan reaction to the rumors will influence their decision. I mean, we all know why Fox made the first Deadpool movie, right?

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