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Guy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend After She Gets A Lap Dance From Chris Brown At Concert

TikToker @dashthelith sparked debate after chastising and then breaking up with his girlfriend after she was pulled up on stage for a lap dance from the singer.

Guy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend After She Gets A Lap Dance From Chris Brown At Concert

It’s probably better to discuss relationship boundaries before you both attend a concert where the singer sometimes gives audience members lap dances.

TikTok user @dashthelith learned this one the hard way, when he and his girlfriend attended a Chris Brown concert and he watched his girlfriend happily receive a lap dance from Brown.

Dash—as he goes by on TikTok—asked his followers what he should do in this situation.


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His followers definitely replied.

So did a lot of other people who came across the video.


Most didn’t seem to care it was Chris Brown doing the lap dance.


Some pointed out it’s more suspect she’d want a lap dance from Chris Brown, whose history with women is very controversial.


She looked a little too comfortable up there, someone said.


Again, just because he’s a celebrity, many said that shouldn’t matter.


However, someone chimed in they would be fine, but again spun it around and said their wife wouldn’t be getting a lap dance from Chris Brown in this scenario.


So, it looked like Dash took the advice and broke up with his girlfriend over the incident.


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For this update video, reactions were more mixed.

There were those who were still beating the drum that celebrity doesn’t matter.


Indeed, the conversations were more about boundaries than celebrity.


Someone said it was good he was able to break the relationship off at this moment.


Then there were those who were on the ex-girlfriend’s side here.


Or even seeing it from their perspective with their partner’s getting a lap dance, saying it wouldn’t matter to them.


Another person pointed out Dash might have a bit of a confidence issue, at least in his relationships.


Finally, it really seemed like the two of them didn’t have compatible values and boundaries, which is the crux of this whole situation.


Let’s hope the two people in this now ex-relationship find new partners that share their values.