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WATCH: 'Daily Show' Gives Perfect Solution to Weinstein Scandal

WATCH: 'Daily Show' Gives Perfect Solution to Weinstein Scandal

The Daily Show's own Michelle Wolf riffed on sexual harassment before her gut-punching solution to the Harvey Weinstein case during an airing of the program in Chicago.

Host Trevor Noah quipped, "The only place we should be building a wall is Harvey Weinstein," before introducing the show's own comedian in residence for her appearance.

Michelle Wolf taking the stage. (YouTube) 

Wolf appeared, instantly commanding the audience with her presence. "You know, Trevor is right. This problem is bigger than Harvey Weinstein," she started off, adding to the discussion about sexual harassment in Hollywood. "If there were two guys at a bar and one was Weinstein and the other was Steve Bannon, I'd go home with Cyanide."

As audiences chuckled throughout Wolf's uproarious routine, they weren't prepared for her solution to combating men exerting their power over women.

“Every time a guy gets caught sexually harassing someone, you don’t just fire him,” Wolf said. “You have to replace him with a woman. It’s a policy that I call, ‘Pull Out Your Dick, Get Replaced By A Chick.’”


She led up to her punchline waxing frustration over how women face challenges on a daily basis, claiming men are clueless when it comes to women's bodies, let alone their experiences. "When it comes to sexual harassment, everyday women are going through an obstacle course. It's like a Tough Mudder," Wolf explained. "But instead of mud, it's dicks!"

The audience is on their feet with laughter. (YouTube) 

Wolf's suggestion is not only hilariously on point, it addresses a topic that is only gaining momentum with the hashtag: "#MeToo," in which other victims have come forward in social media.

“This issue isn’t just about sex,” Wolf said. “It’s also about power. It’s not good enough to just fire Harvey because there’s always a Bob. The only way you change it [is] if you change the power from the top."

Trevor Noah provided the set up for the evening's discussion perfectly.

“This isn’t just about Harvey Weinstein . . . This isn’t a Hollywood problem. This is a man problem,” he said. And a woman just provided the fierce solution to that problem. Mic drop.

You can watch the video below.

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