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PHOTOS: Snakes Wearing Hats Makes Them More Approachable

PHOTOS: Snakes Wearing Hats Makes Them More Approachable

One woman took on the challenge of shattering misconceptions about snakes being vile creatures by posing them in a way that makes them arguably lovable.

For some, nothing is more terrifying than a stealthy serpent slithering its way towards you as you are paralyzed and helplessly stare into those cold, dark eyes. How do you overcome that hair-raising ssssscenario? Put a hat on it.

Oh, it's a thing. You can compromise the appearance of the often vilified reptile by adopting a different perspective, and a hat is just the thing to lay your fear of snakes to rest. Because once you see these pictures, you'll see that these animals are harmless creatures just living their lives. Just don't antagonize them.

@PAYOLETTER created this thread of various snakes looking impossibly adorable by donning hats. These snakes suddenly don't look so scary anymore, right?

It's official: Hat-wearing snakes are here to sssstay!

Nothing says "fancy" like a top hat.

Fashionably late to the party!

The patriotic snake wants YOU!

A take on the wolf in sheepskin. Hop along, nothing to see here.

The classic top hat makes a return.

The reactions on Twitter have been relatively positive.

We're assured, with or without a hat, snakes are not terrifying.

Soon, other Twitter users started adding their favorite snake-with-hats pics.

Let the fun begin if you must-ache.

This one is rising to the occasion.

He knows if you've been bad or good. Have you been naughty this year?

This tassle may or may not have been repurposed after concealing a part of a human's body.

What is so sinister about this?

Snakes can get into cosplay as well.

With more color, the less threatening they appear. A clown wearing this hat is more horrific than this fine specimen wearing it.

Seriously, this is just too adorable. A southern slitherer?

Did the sorting hat classify a Slytherin?

Heading west, perhaps?

Unicorns exist! Just not in the way you expect.

The bow-constrictor.

This one gets a cape and a prop!

See? Absolutely harmless.

Why stop with snakes?

The next time you have a snake sighting, don't freak out. Has it ever occurred to you that they may be terrified of you?

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H/T - boredpanda, twitter