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Woman's Unsettling Story About Trying a Bra On at a Store Emerges Online

Twitter responds in support by sharing their own horror stories.

Woman's Unsettling Story About Trying a Bra On at a Store Emerges Online

A selection of underwire bras in a retail store ThisParticularGreg/Wikimedia Commons

Some people in this world are just nasty. That's what one woman recently discovered when she went out for a day of shopping.

Natalie Brayshaw of Glasgow was just looking for a little support at her local Primark, when her world was turned inside out. A student, Brayshaw hit the budget-friendly fashion retailer on the lookout for a new bra, when she ran into something rather unexpected that turned herlight-hearted day of retail therapy into a shopper's nightmare.

After finding and trying on the perfect bra, Brayshaw was disgusted to learn it was a used bra whose owner had apparently abandoned it at the store. She says a store clerk explained to her that a shoplifter must have tried on a Primark bra and swapped their own undergarment for the new bra, leaving the offending item on the hanger Brayshaw later found in its place.

Brayshaw tweeted about her experience, electrifying Twitter in the process and racking up nearly 45K Retweets and more than 231K Likes:

Twitter followers were equally horrified:

Of course, loads of people just thought the idea of getting stuck trying on someone else's bra was hilarious:

Then people began to share their own nasty retail stories and things started out innocent enough but then they got really icky.

If there was one thing everyone agreed on, it was that when it comes to people who swap clothes out to steal in a store: