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Twitter Erupts After Guy Refuses To Switch Out Of Middle Seat Between Couple On Flight

Writer Zack Bornstein was stunned after his offer to give the man his aisle seat and sit in the dreaded middle seat was rejected.

Image of people on a plane with a tweet overlayed on top. Tweet reads, "losing my mind, just offered the aisle seat to the guy sitting between me and my gf on a flight, and he said he'd rather stay in the middle seat between us."
Gado/Getty Images;@ZackBornstein/Twitter

Those of us who have traveled by plane, or even those that have just seen any movie involving a plane, can easily understand the dread of getting stuck in the center seat.

Just the thought of being wedged between two strangers, breathing stale air, battling for armrests, and the almost mandatory small talk is enough to say “You know, maybe the bus isn’t so bad.”

It is, trust me.

What if someone was unwilling to move out of the center seat?

Writer Zack Bornstein had quite the experience to reveal when he actually wanted the center seat only to find the current occupant unwilling to vacate.

While traveling with his girlfriend, Bornstein found on this leg of their trip, the couple would be placed in an aisle seat and a window seat.

Bornstein thought he would do the mystery passenger a favor and offer to switch seats with him. It would be a win/win situation.

Or, so he thought.

To his surprise, the male occupant refused to relocate to either of the offered posts. He informed the writer that he would rather stay where he was.

The internet lost their minds at Bornstein's tweet.

The tweet has had almost 200 thousand likes.

Many comments came in support of the writer.

While others in opposition, calling into account privilege and expectation versus reality.

Being the Internet, nearly every comment or exchange came with some sort of humor attached to it. And many people shared their own horror stories.

What side do you agree with?