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Couple Attacks Black Man After Hilton Hotel Serves Him Before Them Due To His Diamond Status


An incident in Rio De Janiero, Brazil caught on video in a Hilton Hotel showed a drunk White couple attacking a Black man at the concierge desk after he was served before them.

The Black man—who was a Diamond Status Hilton Rewards member—approached the counter and was immediately served, which apparently enraged the couple. Hilton offers a customer loyalty program called Hilton Rewards.

As with all customer loyalty programs, membership offers perks that increase as the customer makes more purchases. Diamond is the highest tier of the Hilton Rewards program.

As the video of the incident began, the White woman wanders over to the Black man and attempted to assault him.

From there, it escalated.

Reportedly, the White couple also used racial slurs.

According to a response on the tweet, the man who was attacked in the video claimed the couple brought the police to the hotel alleging he attacked them.

Because of the police presence, he was unable to stay at the hotel that night.

The Hilton Rio De Janeiro Copacabana issued a vague statement.

"We are aware a video has been made public showing a portion of an altercation between guests at Hilton Rio De Janeiro Copacabana,” a Hilton spokesperson told The Daily Dot.

Consequences or repercussions for the couple in the video are unclear.