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GOP Senator Called Out For Hypocrisy After Saying The Senate Is 'Not Obligated' To Confirm Biden Appointees

Pool/Getty Images

Texas Senator John Cornyn was called out by the internet for hypocrisy after a series of tweets expressing supposed concern for "ethics rules" when it comes to Joe Biden's upcoming appointees.

Cornyn wrote that "the Senate is not obliged to confirm anyone" unless they disclosed all required information.

While pretty much everyone, including the Biden administration, agreed that ethics rules should be strictly followed, Twitter also felt they had to point out how little attention Cornyn paid them when confirming Trump appointees.

Many online suspected Cornyn didn't actually care about ethics as much as he cared about obstructing yet another Democratic President.

Some people suggested the Biden administration take the same unethical steps that the Trump administration has standardized.

If there's one thing Twitter is always on the lookout for, it's hypocrisy. The social media site is always ready with receipts.

If people take one lesson from Cornyn's tweet, it should be that if Republicans retain control of the Senate following January's runoff elections in Georgia, it's likely that the Biden administration will once again have to deal with Republican Senators looking for any excuse to deny him a win.