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Copenhagen Is Trolling Trump With A Bus Reminding Americans Abroad To Vote—And When It Moves, It Gets Even Better 😂

Before the United States' 2016 Presidential Election, Copenhagen, Denmark, offered their two kroner about what they thought Americans should do. Their thoughtfully crafted political ad just resurfaced, and the internet couldn't be more thrilled.

The bus ad was purchased by the Socialist People's Party in Copenhagen.

Spokeswoman of the party, Pia Olsen Dyhr said,

"I don't think Trump as president will be positive for the development of the world and therefore Denmark."

We can't say we weren't warned.

The bus ad was originally posted by a Danish news station on Facebook.

The caption is another quote by Dyhr,

"We would like to say to American citizens: don't forget to vote - it has consequences."

The ad resurfaced on Reddit yesterday when unknown_human posted an imgur gif of the bus with the caption,

"Trump bus spotted in Copenhagen"

The thread re-ignited the delight in the bus on Reddit and Twitter.

People can't get enough of the marketing smarts behind the bus's ad.

And this Twitter user already knew that Trump was in bed with Russia — before he was even elected.


H/T: Reddit, Bored Panda