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In an advertisement that reads like a satirical take on what millennials want to hear, condo developer Woodbridge Homes is now offering...

...a year of free avocado toast to anyone who moves into one of their condos.

The new development is in the city of West Coquitlam, near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Being part of the metro Vancouver area, it seems like The Kira would be a convenient place to live. With the prices of condos ranging from $297,225 to $483,023, though, it's probably going to struggle to attract the (largely still broke) millennial crowd to its:

"spacious modern interiors… designed to maximize the natural sunlight flowing into each home."

Munchies reported that Jamie Howard, Woodbridge Homes president, told The Star:

"Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing."
"At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too."

The 10% down-payment required for Kira is lower than the average 15-20%, but is still going to be prohibitively expensive for many millennials, even if they don't have to pay for their own avocado toast.

Twitter users very much enjoyed ragging on the listing.

Others were convinced the listing couldn't possibly be real.

Turns out it's actually only one avocado toast per week, in the form of a gift card for a local restaurant.

Nobody is sure whether this was a true marketing effort or an attempt to capitalize on the tropes about millennials for publicity.

Some wanted developers to go back to offering a more traditional incentive:

cold, hard cash.

While avocado toast sounds like a fun gimmick, and it's sure to draw attention, the rising prices of real estate largely prevent millennials from purchasing property.

If you really want to draw them in, reduce prices or offer cash bonuses for signing, not snacks.


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