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Coca-Cola's New 'Coke With Coffee' Is Generating A Lot Of Buzz With Caffeine-Lovers

Coca-Cola has experimented with the idea of coffee-flavored U.S. sodas in the past, never to very successful results.

However, thanks to "evolving trends and palates," the company thinks the country might be ready for another try.

Coca-Cola Blak, the company's 2006 attempt at coffee soda was a giant flop in America, but Nancy Quan, the Coke's chief technical officer, told CNN Business:

"That was a trend before its time. I don't think people were ready to have a coffee portfolio within the Coca-Cola brand."

In the past few years, Coke has been testing the waters internationally with a product called "Coca-Cola Plus Coffee."

The new drink has done well, perhaps due to its higher levels of coffee and caffeine than could be found in Blak.

Javier Meza, Coca-Cola's global chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages, thinks this outing with Coffee-Cola might be a more successful one:

"I believe that there's going to be a space for a Coca-Cola With Coffee."

But there were many people on Twitter who seemed to disagree with Coke's assessment.

The internet seems filled with Americans who aren't eager to try coffee flavored Coke!

Perhaps this is a bad idea?

For some Coke fans, however, the real question was whether coffee would be added to Coke's vanilla variant.

Coca-Cola has said it plans to expand Coca-Cola with Coffee to 25 international markets by the end of the year, so get ready for the next big flavor in soda!