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CNN Anchor Laughs So Hard He Can Barely Speak During Report On Sea Lions Chasing Beachgoers

CNN Anchor Laughs So Hard He Can Barely Speak During Report On Sea Lions Chasing Beachgoers

"Professionalism" looks different for different professions.

A comedian, for example, is being a total professional when they continue to crack jokes. Professionalism in a counselor might look more like a quiet listener. For newscasters, professionalism might look like a modicum of stoicism—the ability to control your emotions while discussing the news is paramount.

But we're all humans and everyone has an off day.

Comedians have jokes that flop. Counselors let their personal stuff seep in where it shouldn't. Newscasters snort-laugh their way through a story so hard they can barely speak and become the story themselves.

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell had such a relatable and real reaction to a recent viral sea lion video that he is now viral!

See his response below:

CNN Anchor Laughs Uncontrollably While Watching Viral Sea Lions

He and co-host Alisyn Camerota were trying to share the clip with their audience during Wednesday's broadcast of their show, CNN Newsroom with Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell.

The brief video, shot from the walkways above this cove in La Jolla, California, shows sea lions lounging on the beach surrounded by people. Most of the people are completely ignoring the sea lions, as recommended.

Let's be more honest, the locals recommend avoiding the smaller sea lion filled coves entirely.

They haven't always been open to the public and locals are very aware that the animals are large and powerful enough to do some serious damage if they choose to. So locals use the longer stretches of beach and have, historically, pretty much left the coves to the sea lions.

Tourists, however, don't necessarily have that information and with the coves now public, the rest of the video plays out in a scenario that's been happening with increasing regularity.

Despite the many signs specifically stating not to get close to the animals and to leave them alone, a tourist crept up a sleeping one to try and take a picture. The animal got startled and decided it was time to set some boundaries.

Chaos ensued.

The person shooting the video thought it was hilarious, and so did Victor Blackwell. The normally reserved and stoic anchor just ... couldn't be for this one. His imagination got the better of him and he couldn't stop thinking of the sea lions cursing out the tourists as they chased them around.

Twitter totally gets it.

Locals and animal conservationists are calling for people to be more mindful of their behavior around wild animals after this clip was shortly followed up by video of parents allowing and encouraging their young child to mount a wild sea lion while they recorded her, rather than remove her from harms way.

The sea lion instinctively turns and snaps at the little girl, missing her face by inches, and it's only then that parents intervene. By then the child is already terrified and crying, and the sea lion is agitated and more dangerous.

Headlines also indicate tourists have been getting too close to bison, recently; which hasn't ended well for the tourists.

Remember, readers - wildlife is wild. It's probably best to stay away unless you're ready to give Victor Blackwell his next big laugh.