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Christian Bale Got John Fetterman To Make A Cameo In His Latest Period Film—And It's Perfection

The Oscar winner said he had to have the Senator-Elect from Pennsylvania in his upcoming film 'The Pale Blue Eye' because he has 'a face that fits in the 1830s.'

Christian Bale; John Fetterman
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images; Mark Makela/Getty Images

Senator-elect John Fetterman had one of the most entertaining campaigns where he trolled Mehmet Oz repeatedly.

For instance, Fetterman compared Dr. Oz to Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.

In his tweet from back in October, Fetterman said:

"They say the Simpsons always predict the future - and once again, they nailed it."

If you missed it, here is the tweet.

So, it's really no surprise he is once again stepping out of the traditional politician's role and stepping into a Christian Bale movie.

Bale said he recruited Fetterman to play a cameo in his most recent film, The Pale Blue Eye, because he has a face that fits the 1800s.

Fetterman posted a photo from the set of the movie with the caption:

"This is the second time I've had the pleasure to work with these incredible guys."

In the photo he is seen posing with his wife, Bale and director Scott Cooper.

The movie stars Bale who plays a detective investigating murders at West Point.

Starring alongside Bale is Harry Melling who plays Edgar Allan Poe.

Fetterman appears in a tavern scene, which is the set in his Twitter post.

In a Q&A Bale talked about the moment he decided Fetterman needed to be in his movie.

“I said to Scott, ‘we got to have him in the tavern. You got to have that face. That’s a face that fits in the 1830s because a lot of faces don’t fit in the 1830s'.”

The comments on Fetterman's news were torn on the subject.

While some mocked Fetterman because of his stroke, other comments were supportive.

No matter what the thoughts are on Fetterman stepping into the role in Hollywood, The Pale Blue Eye is set to open in theaters on December 23.

It will become available on Netflix on January 6, 2023.