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WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Shares Update on Beloved Bulldog's Health

WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Shares Update on Beloved Bulldog's Health

After rushing her and husband John Legend's beloved bulldog Puddy to the emergency room over the weekend, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to update her fans about Puddy's health.

It all started on Sunday night, when the 31-year-old Lip Sync Battle star tweeted out: "At the emergency vet with my old man bulldog puddy. Please send him happy doggy thoughts :( my first born baby."

Puddy, who is one of the couple's four dogs, remained at the animal hospital for several days. Teigen was still at the hospital Monday morning waiting for answers as she tweeted out a picture of a much-needed caffeine dose after long night:

Finally on Tuesday evening, Puddy was released from the hospital and allowed to come back home. An overjoyed Teigen shared a video of Puddy and her 19-month-old daughter Luna, tweeting out: "My BABY IS BACK!!!!!!! Bulldog you made me cry harder than any other living being ever has. My old man monster I love you."

Shortly after, Teigen shared the heartbreaking results of Puddy's visit to the animal hospital, revealing that he has a tumor on his heart and is "basically a 70 year old man beast." Nevertheless, Teigen is just happy to have him home for "morethanjustworkfriendsgiving."

Teigen's fans expressed their concern for Puddy, with many adding that they know exactly what she's going through:

At the same time, everyone was just happy that Puddy was back home where he belongs:

The couple's other dogs, Frenchies Penny and Pippa, as well as fellow English bulldog Pepper, who the couple recently adopted in October, were surely happy to see their older fur brother as well.

While it's unclear how long Puddy will be able to live with his health condition, one thing is for certain: he has a mama who loves him dearly.

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