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People Explain Which Childhood Meals They Can No Longer Stomach As An Adult

People Explain Which Childhood Meals They Can No Longer Stomach As An Adult

Kids have some of the most "interesting" eating habits in the world. It's pretty common for them to binge-eat a few products that many of us would never even touch as adults.

I'm looking at you, dinosaur shaped frozen chicken nuggets.

It's honestly kind of a shame, because dinosaur-shaped real chicken would be awesome. Instead, the nuggets are made from some strange chicken foam that's honestly pretty questionable. But hey, kids seem to love it.

Reddit user ilikeoldgaming asked:

What a childhood meal you loved as a kid, but find disgusting as an adult?

Turns out a lot of people have something they were super into as a child that their adult sensibilities just 100% will not let them eat. For me, personally, I don't have a food that I won't eat anymore; but there are certainly foods that I don't even think about unless I catch a sudden craving for them. For example, my mom used to make yellow rice, corn and vienna sausages all together in the rice cooker. I typically forget it even exists. Suddenly craving it was one of my first hints that I was pregnant.

These people, though... let's just say their feelings are a little bit stronger.

Not About That Life


When I was home alone in the summer, I would microwave a piece of white bread with a kraft single on top. Not about that life anymore.

- L-Monochromicorn

Kid Cuisine

Kid Cuisine. Soggy fries and spongey nugs. Classic, but also kind of gross.

- Tabernacle48

Also, white-hot pudding. Whose idea was it to put pudding in a microwave dinner?

- pm_me_ur_perspective

I have a scar of my foot still after 20 years from when I dropped my Kid Cuisine right out of the microwave and the boiling hot applesauce splashed on my foot.

- Fliptail

Deathly Sweet


Not a meal per se, but Sunny D. It's so sweet I feel like I'm going to die.

- DecepticonLaptop

I grew up drinking actual orange juice but would get weirdly excited about Sunny D. Then when I got older, I found it could mask the taste of an alarming amount of alcohol. Dangerous game.

- citrus_mystic

Lesson Not Learned

When I was young I mixed a whole jar of peanut butter and a bag of chocolate chips. I was incredibly sick afterwards but that didn't stop me from doing it again and again.

I did this two or three times when I was 6-8 years old. It was not a regular thing. My parents were not happy with me and it was the reason they stopped buying chocolate chips.

The worst occasion was during a friends sleep over. I projectile vomited in their bathroom and was not invited back.

No, I was not a fat child and my parents are not over weight. I was just a stupid kid who hadn't learned portion control yet. These incidents happened when baby sitters were not paying attention to me.

- CosmoNewanda

"Raymen Noodles" 

Ramen made by my mom.

I love ramen, but the way my mom makes it is: overcook the noodles, drain all the water, add a ton of butter.

Then it's just a greasy soggy mess.

I forgot the most important part. You have to pronounce it "Raymen noodles"

- poonmangler



My grandmother used to make me peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. I honestly don't know if they are disgusting now. I can't imagine actually eating one.

- damscomp

Loved these as a kid... had a babysitter quit because she was too disgusted making them for me. 20 years later I understand where she was coming from.

- Lnoll3


Hamburger Helper.

I used to have it all the time as a kid. Tried making some last year and it was just terrible. That acrid taste of cheap tomato-ish flavoring.

- flychinook


As a child I used to make what I deemed "super sandwiches." I would make sandwiches with peanut butter, jelly, mayo, ketchup, mustard, ham, pickles, cheese, chocolate sauce, literally whatever I could find in the fridge.

I was too young to really remember it, but I guess I would pound those sandwiches everyday. At least I wasn't a picky eater.

- glasser999

Walk On The Wild Side


Grandma D made what she called "wild hash". If the hunt didn't bring in enough meat for a full meal she would freeze it. Once there was enough to feed the family she would thaw the lot, squirrel, partridge, rabbit, even ground hog on occasion. Run it through the grinder and bake / fry it up. The seasonings she used made the thing delicious!

- HazDaGeek

Don't knock rabbit, it is really good. Especially as far as rodents go. To me it's better than chicken.

The rest though I'm with you on. People do some messed up stuff with raccoons. Old buddy of mine swore by aged raccoon. Skinned and cleaned and buried in a burlap sack for 2 weeks then made into a stew. WTF? Said it was the best raccoon he ever had and the most tender. Vomit.

- Pizza_Antifa


My mother's "ham" salad. I think it was a Midwestern thing decades ago. It wasn't ham, it was bologna. She would set up a grinder and process a big chunk of bologna, sweet pickles, hard boiled eggs and then add a bunch of mayo. She'd make it every couple of years and we loved to make sandwiches out of it.

When I think of all the salt and fat in that "salad," it makes me gag.

- Neelioh